Petr Cech isn’t the goalkeeper he used to be, this is hardly breaking news.

The Chelsea legend must have thought his days as Arsenal number one were numbered when the Gunners splashed out on Bernd Leno in the summer. Yet Unai Emery decided to start the Czech against Manchester City on Sunday afternoon.

After prematurely giving up in the process of trying to stop Raheem Sterling’s opener, Cech showed further signs of decline when trying to pass it around the back with his teammates.


Attempting to switch the ball out to the right-hand-side, Cech almost passed the ball back into his own net, and has been subsequently slated by Arsenal fans. Have a look at this.

Poor Petr…

Perhaps Cech knows exactly what he’s doing. Perhaps his loyalties still lie with Chelsea and he’s looking to give us an early-season help in hand?

He is a true Blue…