(video) drogba and lampard take the p*** out of former chelsea teammate live on the bbc


Didier Drogba used his position as a pundit for the BBC’s coverage of the World Cup as a platform to take the p*** out of former Chelsea teammate Marko Marin.

Marin, once dubbed ‘The German Messi’, never really ended up having anything in common with the Barcelona superstar, other than the fact that he’s also vertically challenged.

He was one of the strangest, and least successful, signings that Chelsea have made since the turn of the decade. The fans know it, and it looks as though the players knew it too.

Lampard was on the BBC discussing how packed full of quality Chelsea’s attack was at the time Kevin De Bruyne was at the club.

The former England international went on to name a few; Hazard, Oscar, Mata, Schurrle. He was then interrupted by Drogba, who jokingly contributed Marko Marin.

Lampard couldn’t help but crack a smile at Didier mocking a former teammate on live television. Have a look below, it’s hilarious.