WATCH: Hazard, Morata celebrate win; fans pay tribute to Abramovich

An unbeaten, albeit somewhat shaky, start to the season is helping that positive vibe Maurizio Sarri is trying to instill in Chelsea’s culture. His Napoli team was notably friendly, happy and open and it looks like the coach had a lot to do with it.

Eden Hazard started on the bench once again, came on and changed the game once again, and if he was troubled by not starting, you couldn’t tell from this post-match tweet, in which he passes the color-blindness test.

Also a happy laddy is Alvaro Morata, who broke his duck and maybe eased some of the self-imposed pressure that messed with his head last season.

His flashing of the ‘A’ for wife Alice has been a sight sorely missed for much of 2018 at Stamford Bridge.

And while we’re talking about social media, let’s give a shout-out to The Shed End, who know on which side Chelsea’s bread has been buttered for the last fifteen years. Roman may not be in the country, but let’s hope he saw this piece of fan appreciation.

Very nicely done, ladies and gentlemen!

Now let’s hope for another 15 years and 15 trophies.