What N’golo Kante Did After World Cup Triumph Will Warm Your Heart



Despite having the most overwhelming influence on the pitch, N’Golo Kante is not the biggest of characters.

He gets his head down, works hard, and doesn’t place value on any stylish haircuts or expensive possessions.

You won’t see him micromanaging his teammates from the middle of the park, barking orders at those around him. It’s not his style.

In many ways, Kante’s timid and quiet manner makes him a whole lot more likeable. Not to mention the fact he’s always got that adorable smile on his face.

Following France’s World Cup victory on Sunday, without doubt the biggest achievement of Kante’s life, he showed once again what a generally superb human being he is.

See the below tweet from GFFN. He was too shy to demand his moment with the most coveted prize in football, he had to have it given to him by Steven N’Zonzi!

Despite his so-so performance in the final, you can see just how adored Kante is in the French dressing room, just as he is at Chelsea.

On the coach journey back to the hotel, celebrations erupted among the French squad, and rightly so – they’d just won the World Cup.

Kante appeared keen on avoiding the spotlight, he didn’t want to be centre of attention, despite his influential role he played in making France world champions.

His teammates ensured he received the adulation he deserved, and he became incredibly shy. You just cannot dislike the bloke, we just want to be his friend.