“Am learning from him”- Leicester City player admits he’s learning from Lampard

James Maddison has revealed he’s trying to be by Chelsea boss Frank Lampard by arriving late in the box to score goals, After scoring in Leicester’s 2-0 victory over Chelsea on Wednesday night.

Asked what scoring more goals recently is down to, Maddison replied: “Working on my game and improving.

“We played Sheffield United earlier in the season and Jamie Carragher said ‘he needs to get numbers up James Maddison if he wants to be challenging for the England spots and being talked about in the same bracket as others’.

“Me, the gaffer [Rodgers] and Jack the analyst sat down and looked at where I can get more goals. I played a bit deeper as a No 8 today, and also little things like breaking into the box and breaking that last lines and almost smelling where the ball is going to drop.

“It is not an easy thing to do and Frank Lampard was the best at it, arriving late and scoring goals and that is what I did today.

“That is something I will keep improving on, everyone wants numbers and I want numbers because I want everyone talking about me.”