Chelsea boss revealed Kai Havertz new position in the line-up

Thomas Tuchel manager of Chelsea said that he is going to hand the central forward role to Kai Havertz in his formation.

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel disclosed about his new tactics for the club. Revealed about his plan regarding newly recruited players by Frank Lampard in the previous summer transfer window. Especially he talked about the former Bundesliga striker Kai Havertz.

While talking in the post-match conference of the match against Manchester United. He also explained the reason behind Tammy Abraham’s exit from the starting line-up against the arch-rival Manchester United as per the interview via HaytersTV.

Despite top scorer of the club in the last season, i.e 15 goals and six goals in the current season. Then also, left everyone with a question mark on the face for his absence against the Old Trafford side. Some thought that he is out of the squad due to an ankle injury but Tuchel told that it was the tactical decision.

His statement about Tammy’s absence shocked every Chelsea fan. However, he told that the blues squad had no place for Tammy Abraham. Thomas Tuchel already has a couple of strikers with him. As he could bring Kai Havertz at his place.

Thomas Tuchel said, ‘Keeping out Tammy Abraham was a difficult thing for us but judging alternatives is also important for me. So chosen Olivier Giroud instead of Tammy and also Timo Werner started on the bench.’

Furthermore, he told, ‘Chelsea have a couple of players at number nine position. As Kai Havertz is one of the options for a number nine position. So there was no need to bring Tammy Abraham as a fourth number nine position player on the pitch.’

Chelsea will try to overcome the obstacles by using appropriate tactics

In conclusion, Thomas Tuchel said, “Things are difficult for him [Abraham]. Things are not as easy as they should be for him at the moment, and he will get full support.” Therefore, he explained the current situation of Tammy Abraham while concluding his statement.

Meanwhile, Chelsea draws their previous match against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge stadium. Though the match was on Chelsea’s home ground then also result went goalless draw. Both the teams did lots of attempts to find the net but they fail to do so.

Visitors and hosts both took more than ten shots on targets but goalkeepers did their job carefully and kept clean sheets for their respective clubs. A brilliant piece of work from shot-stoppers impressed the fans. Both of them saved the match with their hard work at the goal line.

Moreover, Thomas Tuchel’s idea of introducing Kai Havertz at number nine will be very important as per the player’s future. Nowadays he lost his place in the starting line-up but his new role will provide him with the opportunity to showcase his skills at the centre forward position.

Kai Havertz netted 12 times in the previous Bundesliga season and 6 of them come while playing as a striker. If Thomas Tuchel appoints him at number nine then we need to see Kai Havertz brings his goal-scoring form back or else fails to continue his ability at Chelsea.