Chelsea fan reveal strong reasons why Tuchel can be ‘selfish’ for sake of trophies after Porto win

Chelsea are competing in 3 competitions at the moment and will want do well in every single one of them.

The Premier League top 4 race is going to go down the wire – Chelsea have some tough fixtures and can’t afford slip-ups like the one against West Brom if we want to finish in the Champions League places.

We will also face Manchester City in the FA Cup semi-final and we have one foot in the UCL semi-finals too after a strong 2-0 win over Porto. With many important games to go in the next couple of months, you have to wonder if Thomas Tuchel will have to compromise on one competition to do well in another.

According to Andrew T, who wrote on The Athletic’s website: “A return to clean sheets and pragmatism was the best way to get over West Brom. The performance wasn’t great and some samba football, 5-0 wins and our front 3 racking up goals would be nice but it’s naive to expect that in the run-in.

“We may not be a clear favourite but we’re not miles away. But when do we think the crossover in terms of priorities will come? Tuchel’s rotation combined with a much bigger squad means we’re in a better position than 2012 when Di Matteo sacked off the league and (correctly) prioritised the FA Cup and CL.

“But can we realistically keep spinning all 3 plates? We may not have a clear first XI but there are some important players who need to play all the time and I wonder if Tuchel will get a bit selfish in the run-in. He’s only got an 18-month contract and club finances and long term transfer targets don’t mean anything for him.

“He can go all-in for the CL and if it goes wrong not much will change for him as he doesn’t have job security anyway.

“It could go horribly wrong and we finish 6th with no trophies or we could win the best competition in the world. When you’re this close and the CL is this open surely you have to go for it. It’s been a long 9 years since Munich.”

Tuchel has a contract with the club until the end of the next season. While he has done a great job so far with the Blues, it is unclear if his deal will be extended this summer.