Chelsea players receives strong warning ahead of FA cup clash

PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor has warned Chelsea players and other Premier League players not to celebrate goals in groups with Covid-19 cases surging in England.

Taylor acknowledges the difficulties footballers have in resisting the urge to celebrate wildly after scoring goals but calls onto them to abide by the social distancing protocols.

Taylor told The Times: “We’ve sent a message to all our members saying: You have done a great job, you’ve kept the game going and you deserve a lot of credit, but it’s important you keep to the protocols.

“Always abide by what you’re being told by doctors and medical staff with regard to the protocols about keeping your distance and the hygiene that’s required.’

“I understand with the celebration of a goal it’s difficult to just put the ball in the back of the net and act as though nothing has happened.

“It’s that adrenaline rush… that’s what the game is all about, but that’s part and parcel of the process, so they’ll be reminded.”