Most football fans especially Chelsea’s fans are fuming as the Belgian display in Real Madrid since his arrival at the club.

It was claimed that Real Madrid didn’t suit the Belgian and he should come back to Chelsea to continue his amazing form.

The Belgian performance yesterday is another day to forget him. The Belgian was struggling to impress the fans as he looked lost on the pitch and the only positive thing about his outing is the number of fouls won.

See how Chelsea’s fans reacted to Eden Hazard poor performance at Real Madrid:-

– 2cedes:– that No.7 given to him is a curse, our Hazard can dribble pass many players, and now all of the sudden now our Belgian superstar cannot even dribble pass one player in LaLiga. Come back to Chelsea Bro…

– simplytheblues:- seriously I cannot even believe what I’m seeing Hazard doing in Real Madrid… Please come back, Stamford Bridge is your home.

– Adewale:- Real Madrid have many player to depend on, Hazard is useless in that team.. He should just come back to Chelsea.

– Danny:- honestly, if Hazard comes back to Chelsea today he will go back to his form and begin to dribble again… Man! Real Madrid or Spain ain’t your home.

– Wale:- Hazard shines when they build team on him and Zidane cannot build his team on one player when he has loads of better players… Hazard should leave Real Madrid and come back to Chelsea.