CONFIRMED: Chelsea’s next game postponed – move to new date

Chelsea’s Friday night game against Fulham this week has been moved to Saturday in order to accommodate the fixture issues being generated by waves of coronavirus sweeping the nation.

It’s all down to Fulham’s missed games in the last couple of weeks. Their game against Aston Villa is now off too, and they will now squeeze in a game on Wednesday against Tottenham instead.

After that, Chelsea will play them in the Saturday evening televised slot rather than the Premier League assigned one.

Matt Law of the Daily Telegraph explained the problem, and then the solution, on his Twitter feed this morning.

After that, Chelsea play in Leicester on Tuesday. That reduces our rest time for that match – but given the Foxes play after us on Saturday night, we can hardly complain.

Chelsea have been messed around relatively little compared to other teams by fixture movements, so there are no complaints from us.