Fans will love this after Thomas Tuchel sends clear summer Chelsea transfer message

Thomas Tuchel insists that he won’t be causing any issues over transfers at Chelsea.

The Chelsea boss is currently still on course to get into that Champions League final and maybe end the season as Champions of Europe and FA Cup winners, as they have already reached the Final.

But there is alot of speculation about the type of players that he will look to bring to the club, and although the window is a few weeks away, he has admitted he has liked what he has heard in the latest transfer discussions from the club

“I have opinions about what we can add to the group to get better,” Tuchel told reporters. “This is my job. I will give my opinion when I am asked my opinion. We will do this and sometimes your opinions change and this is also a process.

“I have my ideas, of course. I have my ideas for certain profiles. It is not about me wishing for player A and player B and if they don’t come, I will get angry. It was never like this in my whole career and it will never be like this.

“I understand that there are issues to solve with the agents, the players and the interests of the club. It is not only about me and my wishes. This is the baseline for all talks that we have here. Of course, we talk about it.

“I talk with the club, I give my opinion and talk about it with the scouting department. I am involved and I should be involved. I have the feeling that I am involved. The players that we have all have fantastic personalities and right now is even a moment where we get to know each other better and better.

“We have big games and crucial times ahead of us, so we will have a very clear picture of our group. The stronger they perform then the harder it is to improve this squad from the outside. But there’s always room and ideas that we will find out.

“I have a strong feeling that we are not in a rush and we are not in a big need. We are very relaxed. Everyone is fully focused and it is not the time to get distracted with any of that.”