Hazard drops message to Blues fans amid rumours of stunning return back to Chelsea

Eden Hazard has admitted he could play for another five-or six years, amid speculation that Chelsea are once again keen.

After becoming a superstar at Chelsea and one of the very best players in world football during his stay in the Premier League, Hazard managed to get his dream move to the Spaniards just a few seasons ago.

A whole host of injuries have seen Hazard miss 350 days in just one and a half years with the Spanish giants, and there are question marks over whether he will be able to get fit enough to show the talent that everyone knows he has.

But there has been some speculation in the media over the past few days which have suggested that Chelsea are considering offering Hazard a move back to Chelsea, but for half that £88 million fee that Madrid paid for the Belgian just a few seasons ago.

And amid that speculation, Hazard has opened up and told Madrid, and any possible club, that he still has a few more years left in him yet: ‘I’m just hoping to play football for as long as possible, and I always try to enjoy myself on the pitch,” he told On The Front Foot.

“When it comes to the end of my career I can look back at my achievements, but my priority now is playing well and enjoying my football.

“I don’t think about where I will be in the next few years – I try to focus on the next match and the next training session.

“I’ve only just turned 30 so as long as my body feels good, hopefully I can keep playing for at least another five or six years.”

Hazard is a brilliantly gifted player that should be a superstar, but for some reason, he hasnt been able to handle the pressure at Madrid and his best days seem to have passed him by.

We think that Chelsea have now moved on from Hazard.