Insider reveals some Chelsea players Lampard was not talking to before his sacking

When a manager gets sacked, a lot of things usually happen behind the scenes, and it usually revolves around the board, the manager and the players.

A report on The Athletic has claimed that there was a rift in the Chelsea camp and Lampard’s style of managing the players was quite strict.

Lampard has now been accused of not communicating with certain players in his squad, especially the ones who weren’t getting enough playing time, claiming that he only spoke to his favoured players.

A source told The Athletic: “The problem was, the manager didn’t talk to the players — well only the ones he liked.

“I know of players who weren’t in the team that didn’t hear from him for many months. That’s very frustrating for a player because you don’t know what you have to do to do better, what the manager is thinking. It’s crazy.”