‘It’s impossible for me to stick with 11 players’- Tuchel reveals why he can’t stick with 11 players

It’s always said of the best managers that they have their best 11, and Interestingly, former Blues boss Frank Lampard was often criticized for not having his best 11.

One would have thought that new boss Thomas Tuchel will by now have a grasp of his first 11, but the German boss isn’t the man for first eleven’s.

Tuchel always plans his team per game, and rolls out players according to each team that he faces.

Tuchel rotates his team for every game, and he has admitted that it happens for a reason.

He said after the 2-0 win over Everton: “When you play in competitions like the Premier League, Champions League and the cups, there is no way you can arrive with 11 players in your head.

“Whoever you see on the pitch deserves to be there and we cannot just keep players on the pitch just to keep them going. We had some intense games and away games with a lot of travelling so we missed a lot of sleep between Atletico, Man United and Liverpool.

“It was the moment to change and in my mind there was no doubt about it because the guys on the pitch deserved it. We changed a little bit also for the characteristics of the offensive players because we expected a bit of man-marking in offensive midfield so we went more for speed and for deep runs.

“There is a reason for every change. You cannot just say you trust them – you have to let them play and they need to show it.”