“Not Thiago Silva”- Tuchel reveals who Chelsea fans should blame for 5-2 defeat to West Brom.

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has revealed who Chelsea fans should blame for the 5-2 defeat to West Brom on Saturday afternoon.

Despite Thiago Silva’s red card in the first-half, Tuchel has accepted responsibility for the heavy defeat to West Brom.

“We were rusty, we were sloppy in the build-up in our own half, and we made many, many unforced errors,” said Tuchel.

“We didn’t adapt our positions under pressure,’ he added. ‘There were critical ball-losses in our own half and that led in the end to a red card, and that cost us the game.

“When it was 11 against 11, I wasn’t super-happy but that was OK. I didn’t expect too much after the international break and the early kick-off.

“And I thought if it takes us a while I accept it. But we were still sloppy on counter-attacks and missed a lot of opportunities to finish this game early.

“And the second story was that we were not good enough when we were one man down. There is absolutely no need to concede five goals with our quality. But our defending was not on the quality it should be.

“It is my responsibility. It hard to accept but there is no other solution than to accept it and to move forward.”