RESPECT: Didier Drogba advice Tammy Abraham on what to do after Frank Lampard sacking

Chelsea legend Didier Drogba has been following the recent happenings at Stamford Bridge and still shows that he has a heart for the club.

With recent reports of a rift between club skipper Cesar Azpilicueta and German defender Antonio Rudiger, Tammy Abraham came out to show support for Rudiger.

Tammy Abraham posted on Twitter on Tuesday evening: “Hearing some mad stuff about @ToniRuediger on social media today. Compete nonsense. Toni is a big bro to all of us.”

Didier Drogba has followed up Abraham’s tweet with a massive advice for the young striker and the team in general.

Drogba posted on twitter: “Well said Son, THIS IS THE WAYYY!!! Stick together, get results and the fans will forgive you everything. Critics hurts but when you are together it makes you stronger and better.”

Drogba also sent a touching tribute to Frank Lampard after news broke of his sacking, with a simple message: “Class is permanent, forever a legend.”