Thomas Tuchel found his own Marco Reus at Chelsea following Spurs win

Mason Mount can be the Marco Reus for Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea:

Thomas Tuchel can use Mount in an advanced role.

However, there was one player who was exceptional throughout the game and deservedly won the man of the match award.

And that player is young Mason Mount. With the departure of Frank Lampard, many said that Mason Mount won’t get as much playing time as before. But how he has proved them wrong.

It’s a testament to the fact that Mount is a quality product and will play well under any manager. He was proactive and created a lot of opportunities and even could’ve scored has Hugo Lloris not intervened.

Rio Ferdinand has very aptly said that it’s tough-going against Mason Mount because he’s always on the move and it’s tough to track him. Many pundits are saying that Thomas Tuchel has found a Marco Reus like a player in Mason Mount.

Similar to Marco Reus, Mason Mount is always pressing the opponent and can find some intelligent

pockets of space in and around the backline. Moreover, he’s already playing in a much more advanced role and that could mean Thomas Tuchel wants him at that Marco Reus type role.

Thomas Tuchel was extremely pleased with Mount and said: ”What makes me very happy is he is a nice guy, a totally open guy and has a very positive aura and energy in the dressing room and out on the pitch.”