(VIDEO): Chelsea fans reacts to what Timo Werner did in training ahead of Morecambe clash

The Blues will be keen to return back to winning ways ahead of Morecambe clash after some disappointing defeats.

However, In a ‘Chelsea Unseen’ training session video uploaded to YouTube, Timo Werner was spotted doing some shooting drills, and some Chelsea fans noticed how Werner missed a shot from close range, as seen in the video around the 2.50-minute mark.

Werner would eventually redeem himself with a nice shot, but Chelsea fans were quick to spot Werner’s miss.

Roscoe Maher said: “His shot before that completely missed the target from 4 yards out.”

Faults said: “Even in training, Werner can’t score. Worst signing ever.”

Chelsea Army replied by saying: “It went in but hit the post inside the goal. It went in. Stop being bad to Timo. He’s good. Even Kova hit the post inside of the goal.”