6 Chelsea Players That Are At Risk Of Not Making Sarri’s Team


Maurizio Sarri has taken to work at Chelsea, and will be very keen to restore glory to Stamford Bridge when the new season kicks off. The man has set his sights on possible incoming players, and knows that building the perfect team will be crucial to his success. His predecessor didn’t quite do a good job of keeping everyone happy, but the new boss will try to change that, especially with the likes of David Luiz and Willian frozen out of the first eleven last season. But even in making sure there’s a good mood around the team, there’s no way he won’t freeze out a few others, because only 11 players can take to the field at a time.

Sarri has made his first signing in Jorginho, and more will come, just as there’ll likely be a few sales from Chelsea too. So, we’ll take a quick look at some of those players who stand a chance of not making it into the first eleven of the Italian, all things being equal.


Cahill has seemed a somewhat jaded figure over the past few months – a surprise, really, seeing how he was instrumental to Conte’s title-winning season. However, he either has slowed down on his efforts or he is losing steam naturally, especially with age not on his side. If the man doesn’t step up his game, it’s hard to see him impressing Sarri enough to get regular football next season.


Moses, on his part, also shares a very identical story with Cahill. He was phenomenal at some point, but rarely offered much both going forward, and defensively speaking at some point season. Chelsea seem interested in a new winger as it is. He’ll have to do so much to prove he’s worthy of a starting shirt next season, knowing that there will be no wing-back slot next season.


Tiemoue Bakayoko has to be one of those buys you just can’t wrap your head around how it happened. The man was decent at Monaco, and was supposed to be a good addition to our central position in midfield, but he has been a complete shambles so far. How he moves forward next season is not easy to tell, really.


I have seen Morata at his best, so I can’t say he isn’t a great striker, but he seems to lack the level of hard work expected to stay at a top level. He isn’t consistent, and that’s not even hidden. But the man has it in him to be England’s best forward; he just needs to put in more effort, and take his job seriously.


Willian is very talented, but he seems a seasonal player. He shines for two months and could disappear for two. Little wonder he rarely nailed a permanent place in the starting eleven under Conte. He needs to improve, and ditch the selfishness as he tends to hold on to the ball for too long sometimes, and that costs the team a lot. Sarri’s style of play will require quick football. Willian must adapt or fall off.


David Luiz is another player with remarkable talent. He’s very hardworking too, but he needs to learn to stay composed and focused ninety minutes of every match. If he can do that, he’ll have little problems with his coaches.

These are some of the players that just may find themselves struggling to nail a starting place in the new manager’s team. But of course, all things can change. If they impress Sarri enough, they just may be the ones playing week in, week out.