Luiz Reveals The Philosophy His Dad Taught Him That Is Helping Him Till Date

David Luiz is very much loved by the Chelsea faithful, and it isn’t hard to see why.

The Brazilian has helped the club win important trophies, and he was outstanding in defence alongside Gary Cahill when Chelsea won the Champions League six years ago.

Speaking to the official Chelsea website in a feature titled The Making of Me, Luiz revealed how his dad helped his football career and taught him a philosophy that has helped him till date.

He said: “Every day he brought me to the football pitch near my home and got me working on my left foot, right foot, control, everything. I remember many times I would kick the ball far away, and my Dad would run after it to get it back for me. He would pick me up after work. He did everything for me, and also my Mum was so important. I remember just enjoying playing football so much.

“ My Dad taught me the philosophy to try to improve every day. I have done that every day up to now. You can have different managers, different styles of football, different teams. In football you grow fast and so you have to have the ability to try to improve yourself every day.”