The Premier League has been suspended for three weeks, as the league is due to resume on April 4. However this date is only a presumption and not a certainty as it all depends on how the coronavirus has been handled or contained.

Some Premier League clubs are reportedly prepared to hand Liverpool the title early if the season cannot be completed due to the coronavirus crisis.

There are different schools of thoughts as to how the season should go. Some believe that the 2019-20 season should be cancelled, which will be a huge blow to league leaders Liverpool, who are two games short of becoming Premier League champions.

Another school of thought believe that the league should end this way, thus Liverpool will be league champions and Chelsea will end in 4th.

Of course the likes of Manchester United, Wolves, Sheffield United and Tottenham who are closely following will feel aggrieved, as they’d believe that they have been robbed of a top four fight which was billed to go down the wire.

Meanwhile, clubs are set for a second emergency meeting on Thursday to determine a plan of action once more information is known.

Which decision do you feel is best for the league?