With Maurizio Sarri set to leave Chelsea for Juventus, Blues legend Frank Lampard is tipped as the front runner for the Chelsea job.

Although Lampard has distanced himself from the job, feelers from the club point to the 40-year-old managing Chelsea next season.

However, the big concern about the choice of Lampard as Chelsea manager is his lack of experience. Lampard is just one year into the job as a manager and only managed Derby County in the Championship last season. He led the Rams to the Championship play-off final against Aston Villa but lost to the Villans.

The argument is whether Lampard has enough experience to manage Chelsea, and now former Chelsea Striker Tony Cascarino has told Lampard to appoint former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho to assist him in the job, hinting that Lampard might need the help of an experienced boss to guide him in such a big job.

The ex-Chelsea striker told talkSPORT: “I was always told, and I think it’s spot on, that if you’re a young manager you should get someone in upstairs who is very experienced, someone who knows how to speak to directors and owners.

“The obvious candidate, because he’s out of work, would be Jose Mourinho.

“The trouble is, we don’t know where Jose is with his relationships, because he has broken a few. His relationship has been severed with Chelsea and I don’t know his relationship with Frank Lampard.

“But I’d like to feel he would assist someone who he helped develop in his career and won things with. He’s the sort of person you would want in above you.

“Could I see that happening? No, because of his relationship with Chelsea and the way he was sacked in his second stint with the club.

“But you need someone who goes in above Frank with huge experience, who can deal with board room, deal with the issues from the owner and just be a buffer for you in many different ways.

“All the staff around Frank are all relatively new to these roles.

“Jose is going to have to find himself a way back in. He’s said he still wants to be a manager, but Frank needs someone who has experienced a hell of a lot.

“A Carlo Ancelotti, a Claudio Ranieri, even his uncle Harry Redknapp – someone of that stature who might not be working who he can employ and have above him to help him.

“Not a director of football, more as a guide, someone who is going to lead him and nurture him in management.

“This is still a learning curve for Frank Lampard and a hugely experienced guy who has been around the block can be very helpful to you.

“It’s a weird one, I’m throwing Jose out there which seems a no-goer. But I’m talking about having someone upstairs who would make your job a lot easier with the owners and directors, having someone who is batting your corner.

“I was using Jose as an example, but the problem in that example is Jose.

“I don’t even know where Frank’s relationship is with Jose, I was just giving an example of a type of people who could come in above him.”