The start time for Chelsea’s all important transfer ban hearing at FIFA in Zurich has been decided.

According to Simon Johnson of the Evening Standard, the Blues will have their appeal heard at 9am tomorrow morning.

It is not clear how long proceedings will take, but one would imagine that it will be quite some process given the number of cases involved.

The panel will then have an undetermined amount of time to reach a conclusion. The whole thing remains a bit of a mystery.

It seems like we could be spending the whole day tomorrow in total suspense, and we don’t like the sound of that at all.

A lot of players see their futures hinging on this too. If we’re banned from making signings, there are opportunities for any member of the loan army to return and be part of the squad.

On the other hand if we have just one window of appeal where we can sign players, that will probably initiate a massive wave of spending by us, blocking a lot of those youngsters.