BREAKING: UEFA set to make this ‘strong decision’ on Chelsea Champions league Semi-final after joining Super League games

According to GOAL, UEFA is set to hold talks regarding the immediate future of this season’s Champions League in the wake of Sunday’s announcement confirming the creation of a Super League.

On Tuesday, UEFA will meet to determine whether or not the trio of Super League-involved clubs still active in this season’s Champions League will be kicked out of the competition, Goal and Spox can confirm.

Manchester City, Chelsea and Real Madrid are set to compete in the semi-finals starting on April 27, while fellow semi-finalist Paris Saint Germain are among the clubs to have turned down overtures from the new Super League.

As things stand, Chelsea are set to visit Real Madrid for their first leg clash on April 27 with the second leg set to be held at Stamford Bridge.

Manchester City are set to take on PSG starting on April 28, with their first leg scheduled to be played at the Parc des Princes.

Danish FA chairman Jesper Moller, a member of UEFA ‘s Executive Committee, revealed on Monday that he believes that the three teams involved in the Super League could be kicked out of the Champions League by Friday.

Manchester City, Chelsea and Real Madrid are just three of the 12 teams to have signed on as founders of the Super League.

They’re joined by Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham and Arsenal from the Premier League, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid from La Liga and Italian sides Juventus, AC Milan and Inter.

Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and PSG are among other teams to have been tipped for a Super League spot, but all three have confirmed their commitment to the current system for the time being.