The Daily Mirror are reporting that Manchester City are interested in Ben Chilwell of Leicester, and are willing to pay as much as £50m for him.

There is no source given, and there are plemty of reasons to doubt there’s any truth to it, but either way, Chelsea need to sit up and take notice.

Yes we have Marcos Alonso, and yes he’s been great for us. But we should still always be looking to upgrade, and Chilwell looks like as superb option.

In fact, as well suited as Marcos Alonso was to the left wing back role in Antonio Conte’s 343, Chilwell could be even better for Maurizio Sarri’s back four,

with better passing and crossing ability, at a cost of Alonso’s amazing engine and eye for goal.

It won’t be easy, and given he just signed a new contract we might have to be patient,

but we can’t let City walk way with a top class home grown talent in that position like we let United walk away with Luke Shaw.