Here’s a story we didn’t think we’d be reporting on again: Romelu Lukaku’s transfer two summers ago to Manchester United.

The Metro have reported an interesting twist in the tale – Romelu Lukaku wanted his agent Mino Raiola to begin negotiations with Chelsea, but instead to his dismay found that the notorious Italian super-agent was speaking to Antonio Conte instead.

In the end, Lukaku moved to Manchester United, and ended up parting ways with Raiola.

The assumption is that the split between top player and top agent was in part due to the failure to engineer a move to Stamford Bridge.

It’s hard to know how to feel about this. Lukaku hasn’t been amazing at Manchester United, but he’s certainly been more impressive than the man we ended up with instead – Alvaro Morata.

Perhaps, back at Stamford Bridge, Lukaku would have found the consistency he’s been lacking in Manchester?

I guess we’ll never know…