Chelsea legend Didier Drogba took a selfie with Kylian Mbappe at the Ballon d’Or ceremony in Paris and now Blues fans are convinced the Frenchman will be heading to Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea are one of the biggest side sides in the game right now and are looking for an immediate replacement for the departed Eden Hazard, who was their only superstar and the man that led them to many wins and trophies during his seven year stint at the club.

But there has been some rumours in the media that owner Roman Abramovic may try and make a move for the Frenchman at the end of the season, as Frank Lampard needs to add some big superstar players to his side in order to get the side back into the habit of winning trophies.

Drogba and Mbappe got together on the stage at the Ballon D’or awards and took a selfie on the Droba’s iPhone, with the image being projected on the big screen in the room for everybody to see, and Chelsea fans are hoping the touching moment will bring World Cup winner Mbappe to west London sooner rather than later.

One said: “Please tell that boy to join our team the pride of London c’mon Chelsea!!!” Another wrote: “Bring him home king @didierdrogba.” This fan tweeted: “Chelsea legend, Didier Drogba doing the agent work for The Blues. #Mbappe #CFC.”

This Blues fan wrote: “Agent Drogba, Mbappe to Chelsea it’s as simple as that.” One added: “I take comfort in knowing Drogba & Mbappe are truly closest of friends. Agent Drog at work.”

This fan said: “Then Mbappe decided not to sign with Chelsea because of that. Thanks Didier. And finally, this one tweeted: “Didier Drogba finally giving Mbappe his autograph. Hope he can tell him that the Chelsea fans love him #BallonDor2019.”

Chelsea are a very exciting, young side that has many players with bags of potential. But Mbappe is a signing that could be a massive game-changer for Chelsea and if they are able to get any sort of transfer deal done, he would be a massive signing for the club.

So even though this picture probably means nothing, if Mbappe comes onto the transfer market, owner Abramovic will most certainly try and get some sort of deal done and dusted.