Frank Lampard has opened up on his relationship with John Terry. He has insisted that he never had any differences with JT and respected him as a Chelsea captain.

“We had a good relationship as captain and vice-captain the minute I stepped into this club,” Lampard remembers.

“John was clearly next captain-in-waiting. He was almost it already. When Marcel Desailly left he stepped up.

“I had no problem with that, it allowed me to go about my work and play the role of vice-captain, to captain the club on quite a few occasions myself and to some good success at different times. “Our relationship was always good, there were no layers to it. We were good friends and respected each other as professionals and colleagues. That just remains the same.”

Lampard feels John Terry’s choice to start his managerial career at the assistant position at Aston Villa is the right one.

“I’m sure he will have a long and successful career in coaching and management, whatever way he wants to take. We all have to start in our different ways,” Chelsea boss said.

“It’s a good choice: he’s working at a good club with good surroundings, and I’m sure he’s learning every day as we all do.” Meanwhile, John Terry recently said he is a big admirer of Frank Lampard’s work at Chelsea.

“Frank has done unbelievably well since he has come in,” Terry told radio station Dubai Eye. “The expectation level at the start wasn’t there but I think that has helped him as well. “Chelsea seem to be loved by a lot of people for the first time since I’ve known it. They are likeable. It’s great to see players get the opportunity.”