Chelsea legend Pat Nevin has said that the much-debated N’Golo Kante employment as a right-to-centre midfielder during the season turned out to be a great call by Maurizio Sarri.

And Nevin insists he foresaw it right at the beginning when everyone was against Jorginho playing in Kante’s position.

The pundit said: “I disagreed with everyone. I thought the Jorginho thing, I thought it was a masterstroke from the start.

Kante’s been brilliant since he moved into that further-forward area.”

Pat Nevin also hails Jorginho for his performance against Arsenal in the Europa League final:

“I’ve seen some Chelsea fans saying some things about Jorginho. We were talking last night and yesterday about the importance of Jorginho in this game today.

“Him against [Mesut] Ozil, whoever won that battle was gonna make a big difference in the game today. Jorginho was immense.”