The Sun don’t often try to play down a story, and today is no different.

They say that Roman Abramovich’s attempts to make a speech to the players of his club after the Europa League win last night were cut short as rowdier members in the dressing room began throwing objects at him.

It all sounds very light hearted, but we certainly wouldn’t be taking such liberties with a man as powerful as Roman.

They quote David Luiz, who said the following in the aftermath of the crushing 4-1 win over Arsenal in Baku:

“He came and when he was trying to speak the guys were throwing things at him and he left,” the Brazilian revealed in quotes carried by the tabloid.

We can imagine we know the culprits. David Luiz, Willian and Antonio Rudiger were all going absolutely wild in the dressing room, and we can’t see N’Golo Kante chucking too many bottles of champagne around.

It all sounds like it was in good spirits, and in the name of fun.

But if we suddenly see someone’s contract mysteriously terminated over the summer… well, at least now we will know why!