A historical and disappointing match for the Blues Chelsea FC after they lost 6-0 to the current Premier League champions, Manchester City.

Chelsea’s lost away from, at the Etihad Stadium, came as one of the worst for Chelsea in decades, where Mauricio Sarri’s future seems to be outside of Chelsea.

The latest sports experts and pundits on the television and social media in some post-match analyses, confirm that Chelsea’s owner, Roman Abrahmovic, could be taking the decision to sack the Italian manager, Mauricio Sarri, in the coming few hours after the embarrassing result today.

Mauricio Sarri could be following the fate of several other Chelsea managers who got sacked, such as the last two Chelsea managers, Antonio Conte, and Jose Mourinho, who got sacked by Roman Abrahmovic.

Chelsea started the season with an amazing winning streak, where they were from the very few European clubs in th top five leagues not to lose until their performance started to decline.

This loss makes Chelsea out of the top four area to Manchester United after their 3-0 win against Fulham. Chelsea is now in the sixth place under Arsenal FC with the same number of points, but Arsenal’s goal scoring difference put them one position above Chelsea.

Do you want Chelsea to sack him right away?