Eden Hazard urges ‘best in the world’ N’Golo Kante to adapt to coach demand

Eden Hazard fully embraces Maurizio Sarri’s philosophy, part of which is playing N’Golo Kante in an advanced position. Some find it blatantly wrong but Hazard values the word of his manager first.

He told The Times: ”N’Golo is a smart player, one of the best in his job, if not the best in the world. N’Golo has been playing for six months in different positions. He needs to adapt.”

Eden believes Kante’s perception varies between games: ”When we win, everyone says, ‘Yes, he plays his favorite position’, and when we lose everyone says, ‘No, he has to play deeper’. Everything depends on the result.”

What Hazard says is not criticism of his teammate, no. In fact, he relies on Kante and David Luiz to beat Manchester City on Sunday.

Meanwhile, there have been speculations that Kante is indeed not too happy with his squad role despite putting in good numbers, at least ones better than his teammates.

Paris Saint Germain are reportedly always tracking the 27-year-old who signed a new Chelsea deal last year.

Is Hazard right to demand improvements from Kante?