Frank Lampard has revealed that Chelsea winger Christian Pulisic is desperate to return to the playing pitch.

Pulisic has been out injured since New Year’s Day, and the American has been sorely missed by the Chelsea team.

Speaking at his pre-match press conference, Lampard said: “It’s certainly frustrating for them, particularly Christian has had a big phase out now and is desperate to get back.

“[It’s the same] concern I have every week when they’re not fit, it’s no greater.

I’m hoping when I’m not giving an answer [as to when they will return] it’s not like I’m looking into the distance and can’t see the answer, I’m hoping that they might be fit over the next week or two.

“I just can’t say that with clarity because they’ve both had their issues so that’s been a difficult one. But my concern remains the same as it always has been.”