Plenty of players who looked like they were going to be on the move last month will now end up staying, and others who looked impossible to prise away from their clubs will suddenly be available.

Marcos Alonso looked like he might be on the way out of Stamford Bridge, and things almost lined up to let him go, but he’s ended up staying in Frank Lampard’s squad.

He’s still not being used much by his manager though, so it’s no surprise to see him in the camp of players who are very much set to be back on the market next summer.

SportWitness have translated reports from Italy (they don’t tend to hang around there when it comes to starting up the rumour mill again) that say Antonio Conte’s Inter Milan still want Alonso this summer.

We would rather not sell to our former boss, according to this report, but we’re hardly going to say no if they make an offer we consider reasonable.

Money talks, and while we’re sure the club would rather flog him elsewhere, if Inter’s offer is the best, they’ll grimace and probably accept.