Premier League clubs have launched a bid to stop Manchester City attempting to play in the Champions League while their appeal against a two-year ban is ongoing.

The likes of Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal have separately written to the same law firm, which has then sent an application backed by all to the arbitration body, according to stunning claims.

They’ve submitted a joint application to the Court of Arbitration for Sport which will hear City’s appeal against their punishment from UEFA for breaching Financial Fair Rules (FFP).

City, of course, and Sheffield United are the only clubs in the top half not involved.

The written document sent by some of the Premier League big boys states that they strongly object City’s request that their punishment is ‘stayed’ while their appeal process is ongoing. City declined to respond, but they believe that certain clubs have been leading a charge against them.

Speaking to Sportsmail, a source with knowledge of the situation said: “The feeling is that enough is enough. “For too long, City have been able to get away with breaching the rules at the expense of at least one other club that has been unable to get into the Champions League.

“The fear is that they will be able to delay any punishment and – should they win the appeal – get off scot-free, which would be outrageous.”

City were found guilty by UEFA’s Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) in February of having falsely inflated sponsorship revenues when submitting their FFP complacence process.