LOTS of Arsenal fans unhappy about the performance of Chelsea player against Sevilla

According to Chelsea legend Joe Cole, Arsenal fans will be unhappy about the performance of Olivier Giroud for Chelsea against Sevilla on Wednesday night.

Giroud scored four goals to help secure a 4-0 victory over Sevilla and seal top spot in our Champions League group.

Giroud joined Chelsea from Arsenal in January 2018 and Cole believes Arsenal fans will be unhappy the striker left for Chelsea after watching his performance against Sevilla.

Cole told BT Sport: “He was faultless and flawless. If you’re an Arsenal fan you must be sat at home thinking why did we let him go because he is such a professional, he affects the game, I just think he’s given Lampard a massive headache, a good headache.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea boss Frank Lampard isn’t sure if Giroud will start against Leeds United on Saturday.

Lampard said: “We’ll have to see – it’s a tight turnaround but it’s four goals in a game.

“It is an amazing performance to score four goals at Champions League level against a really good opponent, and the individual quality of all of his goals.

“Rightly he gets a standing ovation as he comes off the pitch. I’m delighted for him.

“He is the ultimate professional and I think he’s done that in his career and I think that’s why with Oli, you see his numbers for France and you his numbers in the Champions League.

“He wasn’t always a regular before I got here but as soon as I came in I could feel the positivity off of him as a player, how he wants to try and how he wants to affect people whether he starts or not.

“Olivier is reliable, full stop. Not just for us but his international goals for France, he’s up there with great French individuals, he’s got great statistics. “I’m not too bothered about that in a way but I am bothered about what he gives us on the pitch.

“There couldn’t be a team-mate there that the players are happier for because of the way Olivier is around the training pitch and in the games.”