Maurizio Sarri reveals what ‘surprised’ him in Gonzalo Higuain’s debut against Sheffield Wednesday

Gonzalo Higuain signed for Chelsea last week but didn’t take part in the Carabao Cup clash with Tottenham on Thursday. However, the striker started the game against Sheffield Wednesday in the FA Cup. The Argentinian spent 82 minutes on the pitch in the 3-0 victory over The Owls but didn’t open his scoresheet as a Chelsea player.

Maurizio Sarri admits it’s difficult to adapt to English football: “It’s not easy, of course. It’s not easy to adapt. In this championship, the Premier League, it’s so difficult. At the end of the game on Sunday, Higuain said ‘It’s so aggressive’. It’s not easy, but I think he has the right experience. He is a very great player, so he has to run, to adapt in a few matches.”

I swear if we signed Messi some fans would come out and say

“Too old”
“Past his best”
“Won’t adapt”
“Not physical enough”
“Could spend money better elsewhere”.

Nothing is good enough for some fans.

No negativity from me. Higuain gonna be a star here IMO.

— PG (@PGCFC001) January 22, 2019
However, our number 9 had a chance to net his first goal in the blue shirt but the player refused to take the penalty and gave the ball back to Willian. Commenting on the episode, the Brazilian said: “I just wanted to give him the opportunity to score his first goal – maybe he wanted to score a beautiful goal instead!”

The Blues boss’ was impressed with the forward’s decision and definitely appreciated it: “I was a little bit surprised because he wants to score in every match, but I appreciate he gave the ball to Willian. This was a wonderful start. It means he’s available to his team-mates for everything. I appreciated it very much.”