Chelsea youngster Billy Gilmour impressed with his performance against Liverpool in the FA Cup fifth round tie last week, and he took it up a gear against Everton to show that his performance wasn’t a fluke.

Since his man of the match performance against Liverpool and Everton, Gilmour has been garnering interest from the media, and so much attention is now focused on the Chelsea youngster. The football world has time and again seen highly rated youngsters fail to live up to the hype placed on them, and one can wonder how far Gilmour can go.

Meanwhile, Manchester United legend Roy Keane has advised that the youngster be left alone to continue his development and doesn’t want too much information passed on to him. According to Keane, Gilmour should just be left to concentrate on his game and he particularly warned that the 18-year-old should be kept away from women.

Speaking on Sky Sports, Keane said: “There’s plenty of pitfalls ahead for him of course, if he gets carried away. He’s playing like he would in the streets with his mates.

“I suppose the advice – not that I would give him, but the people around him – is leave him alone. Leave him just to get on with it. “Sometimes you get surrounded by some of the wrong people. Sometimes some of the coaching staff at the club can try and give him too much information.

“I remember working with Brian Clough when I was coming through as a young player, they almost just left me alone, just learn your trade, keep going.

“Give snippets of information, but don’t give too much information because he looks a clever kid, he looks intelligent. “Just let him get on with it. But obviously be careful of who he surrounds himself with in terms of agents and women and all that type of thing.”