Mertens entertained the notion of reuniting with Maurizio Sarri ‘a year from now’

The Belgian’s deal with Napoli ends in 2020

The striker characterized Sarri as ‘crazy but interesting’ person
Napoli attacker Dries Mertens hinted at a possible reunion with Maurizio Sarri at Chelsea. For now the Belgian feels okay at where he is, but in the future, he wouldn’t be against moving to the Blues. The striker’s current contract runs out in 2020.

Mertens said, as cited by The Times

“I love it here (at Napoli). But maybe in one year, I’m free, so maybe you never know, maybe Sarri is going to call me. We will see.”

The attacker also opened up on how it is to work alongside Sarri, who is, in the Belgian’s words, ‘crazy, but interesting’:

“Sarri does not have an off button. I think he sleeps one hour a night and he is always thinking about football. Maybe because he had less time because he arrived late in the game and he is playing catch-up? I learned a lot from him.

“The thing I loved most about him is that you feel you are playing with 12, not 11. He puts the line very high so the strikers feel the midfielders are close. I’m sure now Sarri is learning things about London. He knows so many facts, he’s crazy but interesting.”