The season was close to its end before the coronavirus outbreak seemed to disrupt the football world, and games have now been suspended until next month.

As recently as Thursday evening, the Premier League were prepared to go ahead as planned with this weekend’s action as per government guidelines, but the situation changed when Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta tested positive for COVID-19.

An emergency meeting was held on Friday morning which eventually ruled that the league be suspended.

Clubs are yet to agree with what to do for the rest of the season, as the league might not even resume in April, until the spread of the virus has at least subsided to reasonable extent.

Meanwhile, the Premier League will convene an emergency meeting next Thursday to discuss their strategy for the remaining part of the season.

Thursday’s meeting will hinge on what’s decided on Tuesday, when UEFA stakeholders gather for their meeting.

European football is also on suspension, and UEFA stakeholders will meet on Tuesday to discuss the way forward.