Bleacher Report have published this week’s European Club Ranking

• The Blues have not gone up or down compared to last week after their 3-1 win against Crystal Palace

B/R continue to assess and rate the strongest sides of the continent. Sam Tighe presents the updated rankings:

10. Inter Milan (+2)

9. Arsenal (Stay)

8. Napoli (Stay)

7. Paris Saint-Germain (Stay)

6. Liverpool (Stay)

5. Chelsea (Stay)

“Maurizio Sarri achieved greats things at Napoli, but he could be on the brink of something better at Chelsea if he can continue to get goals out of Alvaro Morata.”

“The Spaniard looked low on confidence at the end of last season, but Chelsea persisted and he has rediscovered his scoring form.”

“Morata was on target twice against Crystal Palace, with the other coming from Pedro in a 3-1 win, as the Blues moved into second in the table.”

4. Borussia Dortmund (Stay)

3. Manchester City (Stay)

2. Barcelona (Stay)

1. Juventus (Stay)