West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady called for the Premier League to be cancelled and started afresh but Martin Keown insists the season must be completed.

Keown insists the season must be completed for the honesty and fairness of this competition.

“Life without football is not important as life itself and the Premier League have done the right thing by suspending play,” Keown told Daily Mail.

“That was the first step and a very important one. The next step, from our sport’s point of view, is how we return to the competition.

“This summer’s European Championship has to be cancelled. The transfer of people, from country to country, is simply too much of a risk. The Champions League and Europa League have to be in serious doubt too. I am not sure where you fit those events in.

“But domestically, we have to ensure we finish this season. Don’t just declare the 2019-20 Premier League campaign null and void. English football has been suspended and rightly so.

“But we cannot just end this season and start a new one afresh. We have to come back and finish it. Whether that is in one month or three months, whenever. That has to happen for the honesty and fairness of this competition.

“We’re nine rounds of matches from completion and Liverpool deserve to become champions. The Championship sides chasing promotion also deserve their chance to come up. Finish it, then adapt thereafter.”