Chelsea number 10 Willian, has just become a British citizen, but it’s not clear whether he remains a Chelsea player after this season. Chelsea fans debate on him to stay or leave at the end of the season.

💬 Ibrahim Habeeb: “Willian is a useful player. The fact that the squad needs an overhaul doesn’t mean you must send your senior players away. He will be a good option on the bench in case of injuries.”

💬 Steven Cheeseman: “It’s time to let him go, I’m afraid, the fans don’t want to see him next season sitting on the bench like a spare part just like Giroud is doing this season.”

💬 Jamie Hughes: “He should be given a new contract, he’s always given everything and still can help the team improve. We need experience for the young boys.”

💬 Brent Thomas: “Stats don’t lie: he is there for goals and assists, and he is not performing. So, for the sake of the team, he must go.

It does not matter what he has done for us, that just makes him a has-been. I say ‘thank you but goodbye’.”

💬 Chuddy Ihejieto: “Chelsea must hand him a 2-year contract extension as a Blue veteran through and through. He merits an extension, no doubt.”