Chelsea have been tipped to make a shock bid for Manchester United stopper David De Gea at the end of the season, but would fans welcome a deal?

Now, there has been a lot, and we mean a lot, of transfer speculation in the media over the past few days which have shockingly suggested that United will look to offload De Gea for a fee of around £80 million at the end of the season to help fund their transfer business.

United may be one of the biggest clubs in the game, and one of the richest, but they are lacking in key areas of the pitch, meaning that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will need the type of funds it would take to spend around £200 million to improve the squad, something that reports are suggesting will not happen unless players are sold.

And with reports Dean Henderson is tipped to put pile the pressure on for a starting berth next season, it is increasingly likely that offers will arrive at the end of the season, and one club that could be interested, will be the Chelsea.

Chelsea are having some serious, and we mean SERIOUS, issues between the sticks as Kepa has not been that impressive this season, and reports are claiming that Frank Lampard will look to offload him and try to acquire a world class stopper, someone like De Gea.

Now Graeme Souness says it is very unlikely that De Gea will ever be happy being consigned to the bench, and that Chelsea could actually make a cheeky move: he recently told Sky Sports: “I’m a big fan of [Manchester United loanee] Dean Henderson who is impressing at Sheffield United.

“I remember he made a mistake against Liverpool earlier in the season and his manager wasn’t kind to him but he appears to have learnt from that. “He appears to have a big personality. “De Gea I would imagine would be one of the best-paid players at United.

“Could you have him sitting on the bench on whatever he’s earning and not causing problems? “Would there be takers for him? You look at the situation at Chelsea and they might make a nibble for him. “It’s a big decision for Ole [Gunnar Solskjaer] to make and that’s what he’s paid for. It’s a big, big call.”


Why the hell not? the man is one of the best in the game and it is crazy to think that a club like United, who are lacking world class players, would sell one of their best. But if he came onto the market, AND WE MEAN IF, then Chelsea fans would surely welcome the man?