“The message is don’t panic,” Elizabeth Schneider told AFP. “If you think that you have it, you probably do; you should probably get tested.

“If your symptoms aren’t life-threatening, simply stay at home, medicate with over-the-counter medicines, drink lots of water, get a lot of rest and check out the shows you want to binge-watch.”

She also sent a warning to in an interview with KING-TV: “I think a lot of people are contracting this virus and not really realizing it.”

Elizabeth visited a party in late February. The first signs of the illness declared themselves in 3 days.

At first, she didn’t think it was a coronavirus case as she didn’t have the most common symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath. However, the woman decided to pass a test, which confirmed that she contracted coronavirus.

In a few more days after treatment, the symptoms of the illness subsided.