“That’s huge, No player is worth £200million” – Lots of Chelsea fans warned Abramovich not to sign goal machine

According to latest reports, Chelsea are reportedly interested in signing Borussia Dortmund goal machine Erling Haaland.

However, Aston Villa legend Gabby Agbonlahor has insisted that the Borussia Dortmund striker is worth more than the £198million Paris Saint-Germain paid to sign Neymar from Barcelona.

Agbonlahor insists any Premier League club that signs Haaland in January will win the league as Haaland guarantees goals.

However, Chelsea fans have warned Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich against spending big on Haaland.

Godfrey Ssejjange said: “In this world there is no striker worth £200 million. To me this is total madness and I wouldn’t want to see him coming to Chelsea at that price because I know he will flop in the Premier League and the other clubs will laugh at us.

“Let Madrid sign him, they have the money to waste on one player. That guy has been at Dortmund and he has won nothing. Now you want us to add another flop on our team. You people are not fair.

“A team is built on many players not one however good he might be in the other league but in england he won’t succeed like you people are thinking. Dortmund are good at selling players then make money out of them so don’t fall for that, 55million or less would be the right price for him.”

Malvino Masaraure said: “Let him win the Bundesliga first with Dortmund.”

Joshua Chisoni Tembo said: “Top strikers have struggled to settle [in the EPL] because the EPL is very competitive and tough. It’s not automatic that he will thrive.”