Ex-Red Devil Owen Hargreaves has claimed that Chelsea target Jadon Sancho could walk into any top side in the Premier League

Sancho’s name has been dominating the headlines for over 12 months now after a breathtaking last few seasons with Borussia Dortmund, in which he has develop into one of the most creative players in the game.

It is no secret that pretty much every top side in the Premier League has been keeping a close eye, with reports Manchester United and Chelsea are leading the chase, and are ready to pay that massive £100 million asking price of the young man.

Now, amid all the speculation, Hargreaves has opened up and claimed that Sancho could walk into any top level side in the Premier League, and is still worth breaking the bank for despite the coronavirus outbreak. He told the Daily Mail: ‘The Bundesliga lower down has stabilised a lot in terms of spending and is a lot more sensible than some of the teams we see in some of the other (leagues).

‘I think Jadon is a special case because whoever gets him… the fees are going to be significant but that is a player for potentially a decade. ‘ So he walks into any of our great teams, our Man Citys, our Liverpools, even a Barcelona or a Real Madrid if he fancies it. His level is that good.

‘I think you’ll see fees come down for sure. The amount of friends I have that run businesses that have gone under. ‘It’s going to impact football teams as well but I think the big ones, the Bayern Munichs and the Man Uniteds, they are still going to have money to do what they want to do.

‘Maybe not in terms of quantity, but in terms of quality.’

Sancho is a top talent that needs to make the right move for his career. But despite all the speculation reports suggesting he wants to come back to the Premier League, wouldn’t the best thing for his career to stay put for now?