Italian newspapers love to put stuff in their paper editions before they put them online (fair enough, really), and today’s edition of La Republicca has a juicy mention about Chelsea.

In quotes in the paper published on Sempre Inter, they write about Inter Milan’s transfer targets, and mention that Sandro Tonali of Brescia will soon be signed.

Antonio Conte, never one to hold back in the transfer market, isn’t going to stop there however. He is also apparently “demanding” N’Golo Kante.

Well he can demand all he wants, he’s not getting him. Chelsea are looking to strengthen in terms of defensively focused midfield players, not weaken, and selling Kante, while it might be a sensible decision in financial terms, it’s not something we imagine Petr Cech and the team upstairs are really looking to do, unless the price is truly ridiculous.

Conte it never satisfied in the transfer market in any case, and it looks like he will be left hanging here once again.