Chelsea legend Didier Drogba and Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero are two of the best strikers the Premier League has ever seen.

Drogba scored 104 Premier League goals in 254 Premier League appearances, while Aguero is the fourth highest scorer in Premier League history and has the most goals scored by a foreigner, and also holds the record for most Premier League hat-tricks, with 180 league goals thus far.

Despite Aguero’s record, former England international Darren Bent has named Drogba as the better scorer of the duo because of his big game performances.

Speaking on the talkSPORT Breakfast, Bent said: “Rooney’s ability, he wasn’t just a centre forward, he could play, he could pass, he could score goals, he could create – he had so many different strings to his bow.

“He was incredible, but as far as being a natural goalscorer, I can understand what he means – he wasn’t. “Natural goalscorers gamble on where the ball lands in the box, you take a chance and you put it away. Rooney didn’t do that, although he could just score from anywhere.

“Harry Kane is a natural goalscorer, Didier Drogba, oh Didier… “I’m telling you now, I know people speak about Sergio Aguero and how good he is, but in my opinion Drogba was better.

“You look at his record in finals and important goals, it’s crazy.“You think about important goals Aguero scored, you think back to the ‘Aguerrrroooo’ one.

“But you look at the cup finals Drogba carried Chelsea through, he was amazing. “He is one of my all-time favourite players. He was massive and he terrorised Arsenal every time he played them.”

Drogba scored an incredible 10 goals in 10 finals and was hailed to be a big game player. Chelsea fans will never forget his goal in 2012 that won the Champions League for the Blues.