Fulham boss reveals why he’s not happy ahead of Chelsea clash

Fulham boss Scott Parker has reveals he’s not happy with the current schedule of his team’s matches.

However, Parker was set to face Chelsea on Friday, but the game has been moved to Saturday, with an outstanding fixture against Tottenham suddenly placed to hold on Wednesday.

Parker has revealed that he’s unhappy with the fixture changes and being told about games suddenly.

“It was a possibility on Saturday afternoon,” said a displeased Scott Parker. “I didn’t think it was realistic.

“We were then told on Monday at 0930 we had to fill in for Villa. I realise we live in unpredictable times. We have to move things and it is not ideal.

“I am normally the last one to moan or whine. To confirm a Premier League game at 0930 on Monday morning is scandalous.

“It’s not about the fixture. I accept we have to play but it’s the notice. The people making these decisions don’t understand.”